Alright, the other day I went to make another liveUSB using the iso I had on my home comp. Like the first time I made one(which worked fine) I used UNetbootin and selected the iso and waited patiently. Everything seemed fine. Then when I tried to run it, no matter what boot options I tried(out of the default) it will say SQUASHFS error, then drop to a BusyBox v1.10.2 built in shell and start with a (initramfs)'shell' that wont have things like startx or even dir, cant cd into most directories and doesnt have the pentesting directory. I distinctly remember none of this happening the last time I went to make a live usb, in which it dropped to the root account from which of course I had normal access and functionality. I cant think of any deviation I did last time either, it was all pretty straight forward.

Can anyone please spot where I screwed up so I can fix it?