Hi all.

I would like to create a topic for beginners ( iam one of them) in socket and RAW socket programming in C.Where they can post all theire questions about this 2 subjects.

Before starting i would like to know if iam in the good place for this kind of subject.I know other programming's forum, but sometimes about security programming peoples don't answer you as they could, cause they are suspicious of bad asking motivations.

My goal is to make a kind of summary of all begginers questions and tips about socket and RAW socket.

I think no question are stupid or useless, but some of them can with some search find her answer.
So question like : "why when i compile my app on windows i got this kind of error : undefined reference to `_WSAStartup", no take place in this topic.

Well that's all for the moment, hope this topic will be usefull for all begginers around and for me too.


PS: sorry in advance for my quiet bad english.