Having procured a bunch of large wordlists i decided to test my WPA key and see if anyone's come up with the odd permutation i used to set it up. However, turns out that pyrit isnt very happy with the current setup and can't find scapy. I checked to make sure that scapy is installed (scrapy 2.5), searched this forum and google, and the only thing i came up with was a dead-end thread on pyrit's forums regarding osx having this issue.

When running pyrit to attack or analyze a handshake i get the following stating that it cant find scapy. As pyrit's been moved from the /pentest dir into /usr/bin and all of its corresponding files have gone to the wind i'm a bit confused as to how one is to configure all of this. Has anyone run into this yet? Did i break some dependency along the way? I figure if this were to be a common problem it would be well documented here...

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This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3

Connecting to storage... connected

Scapy 2.x is required to use Pyrit's analyze/attack functions but seems to be unavailable.