I want to get into pentesting and networking.
I know basics of using a Linux, but every where i go requires some knowledge of it.
I was looking at taking courses at Offensive Security, but they require basic networking knowledge and other stuff i dont have.
Where should i go to learn about this?
And, i have a EEPC im buying off my little brother for 50$, its a ASUS EEPC N900 Series or something, that work for Backtrack? Only four gigs of storage but it will do. Im messing with it right now, its got some weird linux distro.
The only real knowledge of hacking i have is i have passed things like Hack this Site and HellBound Hackers (HTML, PHP) and i messs with computers alot. I use Cain and Abel on windows if that is at all similair, but i only know basics like using the sniffer.
Where can i go to learn the basics, like basic networking, ettercap, and another thing that has nothing to do with everything else is SQL Injection.
If somene could point me in the right dirrection t hat would be great,