Hi guys,
i've got a little problem with the new nvidia dirver. I'm using the BT4 pre final version on my usb stick with presistent changes as my second OS. I installed the new driver I've found on the nvidia hompage.

Everything works great, nice graphics no jerks. But if I want to reboot the system the screen turns into black and I can't do anything.

If i turn off the powercord, reboot the system, the xorg.conf is restored to the old one which is not using the nvidia driver.

I've got the self phenomenon if I want to change the runlevel to init 3 or switch it by using the control+alt+Fx keys.

I also looked at the log-files but anything seems normal.

So after tying google and other searchengines, I hope anyone knows a solution for my problem or can tell me "hey guy its bug and we try to fix it in the final"

I use the GeForce9100M G

thank's for reading and please apologize my bad gramma.