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Thread: wpa passphrase not in dictionary

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    Default wpa passphrase not in dictionary

    guys i need help. i'm newby with linux and i'm trying to crack wpa i have do all but when try to crack it tests 470 keys and i have 250000 packets and in the end of the screen passphrasse not in dictionary. and what is wordlist???

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    The Bugs and Fixes forum is a place to report (surprise, surprise!) bugs and/or fixes with backTrack, NOT a place to ask general questions.

    Additionally, the HowTo forum you also posted this question in is for posting guides or tutorials, NOT for asking questions.

    There are plenty of guides on how to crack WPA around and many of them will no doubt explain to you what a wordlist is. You just need to search for them in the forunm and in Google. Thats one of the forum rules you agreed to by the way.

    You are not off to a good start here...
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