Im looking for a decent ultraportable hacktop.
That means 13" or lower.
I want it to be cheap, good for hacking, have a built in wireless card that will work with backtrack and C&A.
I want a decent proccesser (1.6ghz or higher mabye) and at least 100GB of space or a RAIDS accepter i got 4 HDD's.
I want to be able to bring it around alot, use it on my lap so a verry nice fan set up.
As for OS, no Mac.
I use atm Windows XP, Partitioned win 7 and Ubuntu, with a Backtrack liveUSB so i need a USB accepter.
Price range is as cheap as possible.
Gaming is not important, but if possible Counter Strike Source.

If you have a hacktop wit different specs, post it anyways, whats your idea of a perfect hacktop or one for me?