Having looked up compiz in synaptic and apt-cache i see a slew of things, both kde3 and non-kde3. Which packages do i need in order to have the same functionality as prior versions of BT3 (mapped desktops, window effects, emerald, and the fusion icon to control it all). I've tried a few variations and ended up breaking my install - it would try to render everything in compiz, resulting in missing window borders and such (i've a 9600GT in my laptop with drivers installed from repos). Worst part is i couldnt get kwin to render things again and given other f-ups with that install i decided it would be best to just start over (the day before muts posts that bt4final should be here soon ).

Anyway, could someone give me a couple of pointers on how to properly set this up, and how one can switch renderers between compiz and kwin (for a USB install that moves between machines where one may not have an nvidia card). thanks

Got it. the 190.53 driver seems to have resolved the rendering issues i was getting, installed compiz, compiz-fusion, and emerald and all seems to work just fine.

Odd question though, how does one make compiz the default renderer for the HD installed OS (obviously dont want that on the USB version since it doesnt need to be pretty)? I need to either run compiz --replace after startx or doing the same via the fusion icon. Where is the default window manager set in the configuration files?