Hi, sorry this is my 2nd post on the forums..

But I desperately need assistance on this problem I am having on a network that is wep protected with no visible clients, and no constant data stream.

I have searched for solutions, watched all the youtube videos and tested many different attacks...but the only semi working attack the KoreK chopchop attack only allows me to recieve 3000~4000 packets of data before the data stream stops and I see from the airodump screen that I am still pumping thousands of packets and losing them all.

I have used the injection tests on my card and they said it successfully can inject, I see that on the airodump screen my mac is sending a lot of packets and losing a lot on almost every network I run penetration tests on... so that's not the problem I suppose.

So I can't understand why the attack just stops working after a while, I also can't do any other attack because the network is clientless, when I try to use a fragmentation attack I go through the same process following a backtrack series video on it..and just as I start the attack, get the packet, and try to send a fragmented packet it fails =(** I can never get back a relayed packet that has what I need, just the recurring messages not enough acks repeating ..

I tried restarting my computer, carefully following the steps in the backtrack series vid, but nothing works..

The only question I have is sometimes a new network device is showed on the airmon screen, instead of wlan0 there is a mon1 mon2 but not all the time, and only sometimes will it say that monitor mode is on in the mon1 device but I can still use airodump and aireplay with the wlan0 device...so that may be why I can't crack this stupid network

my card is an 8187b realtek chipset built into my computer, I know this is an experimental card and some things don't work such as the power display and such but the tests show that it can inject..

so can anyone offer any help as to why I can not get this network?