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Thread: AWUS050NH Injection

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    Default AWUS050NH Injection

    Hi. I followed a few guides I found in the BT4Beta section and so far have gotten right up to injection with my new usb card. Right now I'm running the compat-wireless + rt2x00 driver or summat, the installation of which is detailed here:

    As you can see below, the mon0 created by airmon-ng start wlan0 passes the injection test, but wlan0 itself does not. Any attempt to do a fake auth association times out, and the possible reasons provided leads me to believe that my driver simply is incompatible?

    I see a LOT of posts about this driver/hardware combo being utter fail, but there are some older ones that seem to document success, so here I ask for help from anyone.

    Some output:

    # aireplay-ng --test wlan0
    03:53:31  Trying broadcast probe requests...
    03:53:33  No Answer...
    03:53:33  Found 1 AP
    03:53:33  Trying directed probe requests...
    03:53:33  00:1B:2F:E1:F2:72 - channel: 9 - 'Sherman'
    03:53:39   0/30:   0%
    aireplay-ng --test mon0
    03:53:16  Trying broadcast probe requests...
    03:53:17  Injection is working!
    03:53:18  Found 1 AP
    03:53:18  Trying directed probe requests...
    03:53:18  00:1B:2F:E1:F2:72 - channel: 9 - 'Sherman'
    03:53:18  Ping (min/avg/max): 1.349ms/6.128ms/27.039ms Power: 66.68
    03:53:18  28/30:  93%
    lsmod | grep rt
    rt2800usb              37068  0
    rt2x00usb               9836  1 rt2800usb
    rt2x00lib              37100  2 rt2800usb,rt2x00usb
    led_class               3408  1 rt2x00lib
    input_polldev           3124  1 rt2x00lib
    mac80211              212820  2 rt2x00usb,rt2x00lib
    cfg80211               85836  2 rt2x00lib,mac80211
    rfkill_backport        16992  1 cfg80211
    gameport                9976  1 snd_ens1371
    parport_pc             24068  1
    parport                30444  2 lp,parport_pc
    rtc_cmos               10124  0
    rtc_core               15848  1 rtc_cmos
    rtc_lib                 2380  1 rtc_core
    agpgart                29384  1 intel_agp

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    When you are using airmon-ng you do realise that mon0 has the mode Monitor set but on wlan0 it still remains as Managed? This is probably why you can inject on mon0 instead of wlan0.

    Also this driver still hasn't matured yet so I won't be expecting that it can do everything.

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