Good morning, since insomnia has deemed it fit to grace my life tonight i'm doing some research on asset management tools - something like nAble or MSP that can run cross platform (Linux, MS, OSX), track physical hosts, virtual hosts (running a lot on XenServer), databases (content servers are Linux VMs with MySQL), web services, resource usage, alerting, etc.

There seem to be a lot, and i figure since most people here are in the IT industry there should be some good feedback on some of these. Whats everyone using, whats good, whats bad about it? I'm open to any options really - i've a 2 site network that i intend to mirror for failover so i'm leaning toward an open source solution for licensing reasons since i'd be running two of these, one at each site, or using something external. Since this is for the company, i'm obviously not opposed to having to pay for it so long as it can track my servers and apps, alert me, and give me a good overview of my network's health.