Hello all,

I know there have been many MANY posts on which wireless cards work best with Backtrack. I however am confused because many posts bounce ideas back and forth never standardizing anything. After researching I am more confused than when I started searching for a card.
I bought a Linksys WUSB54GC v3 which did NOT work with BT 4 Pre-final but does with beta after researching. I returned the card and have been looking for a card that WILL work out of box or with "slight" driver updates with BT3, 4 beta, 4 pre-final, and eventually bt4 final. In other words I would like some life out of the card as I continuously update everytime a new release is put out (and please do not post "well then keep the version that works"). I would like to do sniffing, p capturing, injecting, and frag attacks. Basically full exploitability over 802.11.
I am sorry for the question that is p*ssing off everyone, but I would just like to be pointed in the direction of 1 usb card that will perform my above request. Then I will finally be happy.

Thank you all for your replys and assistance!

I have heard most people comment on the Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW adaptor. It uses a chipset Aircrack-ng recommends and has pretty good reviews. It even says bt2 and bt3 compatible. I wonder would anyone know if this device works with BT4 pre-final? What are your comments on this adaptor as I would like to buy one ASAP.