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Thread: my eth1 switched to eth0??

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    Default my eth1 switched to eth0??

    Hello i recently install bt4 to my HDD i love it but ive been having alot of wireless problems.. When i first installed it the wifi was working just fine. When i did a airmon-ng it came up eth1.. I turned it back on today and i do a airmon-ng and it comes up the same wireless card but now its eth0? ive tried googling the answer as to why this happend but can not find a legit answer or fix.. so i am now posting this thread hoping someone in here can help me with this problem.. thank you very much, much appreciation!

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    Not a bug or a fix, please post in the correct section.
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    I agree with what archangel.amael said, that its not a bug or fix.

    First off, its not a bug because that's how linux detects the devices. Whichever device first pops up in the probing and the driver is loaded, gets the preference of using the very first interface number.

    Say for example you have intel e1000, and intel ipw2200 on the same computer. Both of these drivers use the same interface naming.. ethX (where X is the number for the device). At times when you boot up you get e1000 as eth0 but other times its ipw2200 as eth0 and usually the versa device ends up using eth1 instead of eth0.

    It is either that or it can be an udev issue (not common on backtrack). There are workarounds, one is the alias the alternative interface as some other name or if the chipset has another driver, I'd give that a go if the alternating interface numbering is bugging you.

    It is not a fix because you didn't provide a fix :P

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