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Thread: Atheros and Kismet-newcore

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    Default Atheros and Kismet-newcore

    Hi there, I've installed BT4 on my Samsung NC10. The wireless Atheros card is picked up fine when running

    airmon-ng start wlan0

    Returns an active Atheros card (monitor mode enabled)

    I then run kismet

    kismet -c maddog-g_ng,wlan0,atheros

    But it's as if the card isn't there. Is there something I'm missing?

    Many Thanks,

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    It isn't called maddog-g_ng. Read the documentation properly.

    Also kismet-newcore doesn't specifically require the interface to be monitor mode, or require you to create a new interface known as mon0. Check to see what mode is wlan0 as compared to mon0.

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