Alright, so I just got a brand new 2.5" HDD for my laptop. I already had plans to use my old 100gb HDD in an external enclosure I had laying around. So after cloning and setting up the new HDD in my laptop, I got to thinking, "I really want a highly expansive general use toolkit. Hey, why not use my old laptop HDD!" The idea is to add multiple live distributions, tools, and some custom scripts I use. I plan to use grub as the loader and do full drive encryption. Off I went to Google to find some solutions and/or ideas.

Ok, sounds great! What's the catch?

Well, one of the things I want to do is create a custom BT4 live CD with personal changes. The bigger catch is I want to add it as a hidden OS using TrueCrypt. Here are my issues so far:

1) I am still lost on how to make a custom live BT4 iso that loads files that need write access to RAM instead of the disk. I do *NOT* want a persistent install as that would completely void the security logic behind installing it as a hidden OS via TrueCrypt (Easy to trace modified files and determine there is a hidden OS if a snapshot is taken by an adversary before and after changes).

Any pointers here would be nice as most BT4 USB install tutorials/guides are either for making a bootable USB of the original ISO or a persistent install. I'm also not sure if the customize script released by Offensive Security will work for what I am trying to accomplish on the BT4 live CD. Aside from adding some custom packages (Which cannot be downloaded via wget at the moment), I also have a few drivers I would like to compile and install which cannot be received by using wget. Also, I have had absolutely no luck using that script on a BT4 pre-release final ISO named bt4.iso after chmod'ing the script properly (Outputs a ton of errors when I try loading bt4.iso with the script). Any pointers and/or direction on where to find information/tutorial(s) on this topic (Not just making a new live CD with BT4 using the Offensive Security script, unless you can provide some direction on how to do what I just listed having problems with) would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Found this wonderful blog by the Offensive Security team. Going to give this a shot and I'll post my results later:
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2) Would idea 1 actually work with a live install of any distro/tool via a TrueCrypt hidden OS? So far from what I have read (Mind you, this is going to be a very brief, uninformative explanation that assumes you understand TrueCrypt hidden OS's), TrueCrypt clones the OS to the second partition and clears the first partition that it was on. What I am not sure of is if it will actually properly clone a live CD that writes to RAM. Any suggestions/ideas/discussion on this would be appreciated.

There is probably a lot more information I am forgetting to bring up simply due to memory decomposition, so don't rail me too hard.