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    Default N00b Question

    Hi guys and girls ive read about 2 hours of past post and searched and no luck in finding what sorry if ive missed the answer in the back posts!!

    Im very new to BT3 4 days now, a noob question i have the password lists downloaded onto desktop in .txt file format i want to load them into backtrack so far i upto aircrack-ng wpa-01.cap -w/pentest/wireless/cowpatty/dict
    and it works runs i mean great
    What the code to run the ones on my desktop?

    A furthur question i read someones post on crunching the fly i copied it but didnt work for me i must entered it wrong my wireless connection is eth1.
    aircrack-ng wpa-01.cap -w/pentest/wireless/cowpatty/crunch 8 8 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz -t a0000000 pyrit -e eth1 -f -- passthrough cowpatty -d - -r wpa-01.cap -s eth1

    thanx in advance to the help

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    Try and choose a better thread title next time, its actually one of the forum rules that you agreed to when you joined.

    Both of your questions can be resolved if you try and get more familiar with aircrack-ng and you learn some basic Linux - read the documentation and visit the website and check out the "New to Linux" sticky thread in the Newbie forum.
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    Default Password list loading error

    ok thanx lupin maybe title like "Password list loading error" maybe better next time?

    From what i understand im runing back track from a iso cd so i need to acces the penlist in aircrack to add place my lists in there so can access them in aircrack, beens ive burnt the iso i cant alter them. ? So i need to download a windows 2gb version of bt3 is this right?

    Again thanx in advance if there any reply!

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