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Thread: URL encrypting

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    Default URL encrypting

    Hello all!

    I am just working on some revision and I came up to such URLs.
    I see there is error string encrypted because this is some string for error message.

    page.aspx?JjMKTyBz8Z6mcAVqy4iH6thvlOEAe+jXSm4e/4iNailzpVNR6j41KOuMEm8u+RNMCw9bR/A8mYV8Auc0Wes43I6GGFU3x43CCcHRq1ceyEF9eaB0cPLvb7jz 0m9o78g/ZQt55aCUPP6JTwCSRFU6JnkzwC0Wmvr60/BmdbSIC1H/89uCyUHhP2ojcEHjIlGC9nIPA7iE1XDH47KuJgqr/EaOyyus6xJxTXqm9P2JrdGX64gHWJrcMtgTGslKsuxCCs+fwIU HOlJ3uIZ5HZ9WgdNOgzHEi7Q4OjYraREPe0Dzd9b9BAd0Mmci+ bXfqf4y1/Y1FmzjVhpF5ei58Hx8f+/77FMhkXIE9iLf7X427uKdYbxoDxCdYfHdQSyZVB+VQX+cJkM88 guubbs8lspNWJaYoyxUeD7DpkmRjuykajpLv8G7/qh4WlYJqeAOZn/Nv65oPAv3mQXvw+nGl31OQOnrmCBKCkV/36vjmTFts38A1VY74X+fmq6XlG2GX6vFajdOVKe/kPdairfo+pnnSE0rBjTKgUwzYGy0myMJKyE=

    How is this encrypted? .NET
    What can we do about this?

    Any hints, clues or other infos?



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    Default Re: URL encrypting

    This has nothing to do with Backtrack

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