first a little backstory -- I used to use PHLAK prior to using auditor/whax/backtrack. ohhh, how I loved that distro (don't get me wrong, PHLAK has nothin on backtrack!) one thing I absolutely LOVED about PHLAK was the fact that when you opened a web-browser it would pull up a local copy of the PHLAK tools pages (from thier original website) and some HOWTOs. <= visualize this page and you will get the concept

so I got to thinking, and I'll bet this has probably crossed the backtrack dev's minds before... but... what'd'ya say about including a LOCAL COPY of the backtrack wiki on backtrack4 final (or the newer rev when it comes out ) minus any audio/video to keep the size down ?? make it so it is the default/home webpage that gets pulled up when one opens up a webbrowser?

Im thinking this is a full-blown feature request, so I am posting it here in the "BackTrack 4 Package and feature Requests" forum.

I can assure you this would be a godsend for many people. I noticed last I visited the backtrack wiki there was getting to be a pretty detailed backtrack TOOLS , some excellent TUTORIALS sections, and links to (external) videos, etc. what if you were to bundle that with backtrack itself, so all users would have a local copy on thier box/USB etc? or... maybe make the wiki available via SVN to make it easy for an end-user to pull the wiki down for just such a thing?

what do you think??