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Thread: aircrack + rainbow tables ?

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    Default aircrack + rainbow tables ?

    hi everybody ,

    lastnight i used aircrack + a 200m dictionary to crack my wifi password

    i put my password in the middle of the dictionary , then i success and get

    the password within 3 minutes , thats good .

    when am searching the internet i think all know what is "rainbow tables" and "cowpatty" .

    aircrack speed 500k/s but all say when using "rainbow tables" i can reach

    10000k/s , amazing . when i used aircrack i followed a video tutorial to crack

    it ,as you can say its step by step .

    can someone please tech me or just give me a start how to use rainbow

    tables iam downloading now the "33g" tables . so i need to know how can i

    use them in cracking . i will be thanks if step by step given .

    thanks for any help .


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    am sorry my friend , but i searched alot without luck , i cant find step by step guide and am not expert .
    thanks .

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    hi, I'm not sure what exactly your are looking for, but using rainbow tables for aircrack-ng input is straight forward like using john and traditional passwords,
    or using cpyrit to get all the lovely CUDA stuff.

    Tons of videos on youtube & vimeo YouTube - Cracking WPA2 AES with pyrit and aircrack-ng suite

    And yes, you will find tons of post concerning this topic: Wireless > search term: rainbow tables (including video tut).

    If you have to much money, you can use the wpa cracker cloud service:

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