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Thread: airodump-ng, all networks have 0 packets

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    Default airodump-ng, all networks have 0 packets

    I run airodump-ng and all the networks come up. Beacons seem to naturally be going up and everything. However, packets always stay at 0, even when I put in a specific bssid for airodump-ng

    I'm running BT4 iso off of a flash drive. It seems to work fine because it finds my wireless card perfectly.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I'm betting you're not downloading files via your wireless or anything like that. My network as enough built-in lists that I generate maybe 1 packet every 3 days unless I actually use my laptop for something.

    Try downloading a file from the web while you are dumping.
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    what chipset, what driver, what card?

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