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Thread: exploitdb CLI search

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    Default exploitdb CLI search

    I tend to search the db using the CLI much more than the web interface, and grep-ing the CSV file provided doesn't make it very readable, so I came up with this:

    # exploitdb CLI search 
    # place this file where the files.csv is located or change the command line below to use an absolute path.
    # syntax: searchsploit <search term>
    # Ideas and threats: find me at the remote-exploit forums or freenode (sygo).
    echo " Description                                                                 Path"
    echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- 
    awk -F "\"*;\"*" '{printf "%-75s %s\n", $3, $2}' files.csv | grep -i $1 | sed s/platforms//
    One can change the identation on the path column by changing the "75" above to something that suits your fancy, 75 columns seemed a good compromise, a few lines will eventually get truncated, but hey...

    Hope it's of any use to you guys.

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