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Thread: The magic touch of VLC Player

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    Default The magic touch of VLC Player

    Ok, This is one more tutorial howto install backtrack4 pre-final.

    First, download bt4-image, md5sum and burn to a cd or make a usb boot.

    boot the image and startx

    click into script and go on until reboot.

    login as first-user, sudo su, passwd, exit, exit, login-as-root, deluser first-user and rm -rf /home/first-user

    fix boot-fatal-error (modprobe)

    cd /boot
    cp initrd.img- initrd- (Just making a backup)
    depmod -a
    update-initramfs -k -c
    cd /tmp
    gzip -dc /boot/initrd.img-| cpio -id
    touch lib/modules/
    find ./ | cpio -H newc -o > /boot/
    gzip /boot/
    cd /boot
    mv initrd.img-

    reboot, login-as-root

    cd /etc/ssl/certs
    make-ssl-cert generate-default-snakeoil --force-overwrite

    dhclient3 eth0,eth1, wlan0

    apt-get update
    apt-get install linux-image-
    reboot, boot from new kernel, login-as-root

    apt-get dist-upgrade
    (we will get some errors, but don't worry) libssh2, medusa, etc...
    apt-get install vlc
    (we will get vlc player and we will install all packages and set then up without errors)

    Thank you ALL

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    Fair enough if you wanna run Linux as root all the time, but there's really no reason to delete the main user account.

    The biggest danger would be to run your web browser as root, but fair enough, I've no interest in trying to convince someone of not being root all the time.

    On my own computer I have a separate user account simply called "visitor", and I log into it if someone wants to use my computer to surf the web or whatever, and it hasn't got sudo priviledges. It's also good for keeping my Firefox favourites private and also my Auto-complete phrases (and I've got some pretty nasty auto-complete phrases). Plus they can't access my own data.
    Ask questions on the open forums, that way everybody benefits from the solution, and everybody can be corrected when they make mistakes. Don't send me private messages asking questions that should be asked on the open forums, I won't respond. I decline all "Friend Requests".

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    is not big deal it depends of how and from what you use backtrack.

    but, of curse, if you use to work as many standart distros, don't remove it.

    one more thing: even a sudo user or non-sudo, in this pre-final version, he can ls /root and read what ever he want

    and the same for each /home user all users can see everything from other users...

    so you shoulD at least chmod 600 /root

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