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Thread: Ralink 3070 - Doesn't work after monitor mode

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    Question Ralink 3070 - Doesn't work after monitor mode

    hy guys.

    I'm using bt4 pre final and have a device which came with the chipset ralinktech 3070.
    when I plug in the hardware and want to set it up to the monitor mode it looks like this.

    root@bt:~# airmon-ng start ra0
    Interface Chipset Driver

    ra0 Ralink 2560 PCI rt2500 (monitor mode enabled)
    I can't understand why there stands PCI where the device is an usb adapter.

    iwconfig looks like this
    root@bt:~# iwconfig ra0
    ra0 RT2870 Wireless ESSID:"" Nickname:"RT2870STA"
    Mode:Auto Frequency=2.412 GHz Bit Rate=1 Mb/s
    RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
    Encryption key:off
    Link Quality=10/100 Signal level:0 dBm Noise level:-95 dBm
    Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0
    Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:0 Missed beacon:0
    As you can see there stands rt2870 and in the airmo-ng rt2500. But the device has the chipset rt3070.

    After setting the device in monitor mode, it can't find any networks in range. Neither with airodump-ng ra0 nor with Wicd Network Manager.

    So, what is the problem? Does backtrack4 pre final not support rt3070?
    And how can we understand why there stands different chipset names in iwconfig and airmon-ng?

    haven't installed any additional driver or changed anything in the system.

    thanks for the answer

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    rt3070 is a fairly new chipset, even if its not new it will take time for specific things such as rfmon to work.

    I am not very familiar with the interface naming, but I believe when serialmonkey made their own versions (either hacked or from scratch) they (serialmonkey) may have separated the differences between usb and pci devices. Even at that usb and pci chipsets had different model numbers altogether.

    The driver you are using most likely came from ralink's website, meaning its only capable of making a connection and that's about it (hence the sta in the driver name for station mode, I suspect).

    I personally do not use airmon-ng that much as I personally see iwconfig can do just the same trick without having to make assumptions such as these when its incorrectly displayed. In many other cases airmon-ng is a handy tool I must admit if you aren't familiar with linux and/or networking in general.

    rt2560/rt2500 are the drivers for ralink devices which do not have 802.11n capability, unlike yours. So I would not worry about airmon-ng incorrectly displayed and assumed the chipset/chipset range is detected much different than the driver/chipset of your device.

    iwconfig calls the info from the driver, airmon-ng I believe has a set database of specifically matching ralink named chipsets and naming as it sees. In this case its probably because rt3070 isn't on the list (which is rt2870 as many posts from google show, but possibly rt3070 is usb version and rt2870 is pci/pci-e version) it will display the last one on the list/database. Meaning that airmon-ng or aircrack-ng suite hasn't been updated to take on 802.11n devices in the manner of which this specific area has shown.

    bt4 pre final does not as yet support rt3070 for I presume modes other than station. This pretty much goes right across the linux distribution because ralink only releases station drivers. Your best bet is to wait for more hacks to appear and see if the work, whether it be upgrading kernel and/or using compat-wireless, etc.

    Do keep in mind that rt2870/rt3070 was released much later than bt4 pre-final's release date hence the limited support.

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    Thanks for your answer.
    I found out that there is support for Wireshark on Windows with Wildpackets drivers.

    But after installing the hardware with these drivers, I'm not able to start the capture and I get an error mesage.

    For rt3070 on linux, I think we need a newer kernel, 2.6.31-14? Am I right.

    Testing it on Ubuntu now, but I think I have to recompile the kernel or something.

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