So I have a Motorola Droid. The wifi seems a bit flakey. I sniffed some packets while I was associating, in an attempt to figure out why the wifi was failing.

I see some weird stuff. It looks almost like there's a "double-ack", where the Droid sends two acks back simultaneously to the AP after the Association Response.

Then it gets worse. The fourway handshake is all FUBAR, perhaps because of the double-ack. The AP is supposed to initiate the first transfer, but it never does. Eventually, the client replies as if the AP did initiate the handshake (with a MIC, even!). The AP ignores this reply, and the client STILL replies with the final phase of the handshake.

Again, the AP doesn't send packets 1 or 3 of the handshake, ever, but the Droid still sends packets 2 and 4 unprompted.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what's going on here?