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Thread: Not sure if this is in order

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    Default Not sure if this is in order

    Hi, so im new to back track. Not completly new to linux, but not efficient either.

    Im trying to get backtrack onto the internet. Firstly the internet where I am connecting requires you to log in (public mall internet). Im not sure if this is a problem, but this is what I have done:

    Installed Backtrack4 to CD,
    Ran StartX

    Opened up the konsole and did "sudo ifconfig eth0 up" and "sudo ifconfig wlan0 up".

    After that I did sudo ifconfig wlan0 netmask

    I can ping but thats about all, Cant connect to any web page or apt-get for that matter.

    My computer is a Dell M1210, Windows 7

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Why are you opening two threads about the same topic?

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