Hey Folks.

I've got a serious Problem to install Backtrack4 on my Notebook.

Now I am using again Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala on this machine with Grub 1.97 /w an ext4 partition.

First thing: I have to boot severel times the Live CD until i can access Backtrack. Often I've got only the boot screen after select wich options i like to use.

Second thing: After i gained access to Backtrack and have loaded the KDE with startx i can run the install.sh
When the things starts like parted , the list of partitions in parted is empty.
After several reboots i have all partioions in parted.

Third thing: After i have selected the last Next / finish, the installer run correctly until 90%! I don't know why but it terminates and makes an restart without any anounce! Grub is destroyed, cant access anything.
Only way to get Back my System is to install Ubuntu again.

I hope anyone can help me...

Thanks a lot


P.S: Sorry for my bad english