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Thread: VMWare+BT4 Bridged Networking dosent work

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    Question VMWare+BT4 Bridged Networking dosent work

    First of all i used google but didnít find a solution for my problem.
    I have started with this tutorial: "Installing BackTrack 4 Pre Final in VMWARE"

    I disabled my firewall but I still canít a working Bridged Network connection.

    My VM Image Setup (made like shown in the tuto)
    Bridge connection and the rest on default

    Bridged Networking error: Host USB device connection disabled
    I am using the ALFA AWUS036H Wan device
    PS: I would post images but links are disabled (first post)

    thx for help

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    Exactly what are you trying to achieve here?

    - Allowing BT4 to use the device so that you can sniff/inject packets?
    - Allowing BT4 to use the device so that it can obtain IP address from your host computer and surf the net?
    - Allowing BT4 to share the device with the host computer so that it can also sniff/inject packets?

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