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Thread: Can't get online ?

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    Default Can't get online ?

    I'm not able to get my lappy on line with BT. I have called my ISP and it is on my end. I imagine I have to configure my lappy manually. Any ideas on what I should do?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    How are you normally connected to your ISP? Why don't you also consider about buying a router?

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    Lightbulb Need more info

    Can't help you with out the proper info. Things like:

    Is your connection wireless, and if so what kind of wifi card are you using.

    Also can you connect to the internet in another os or with another computer.

    There is also a search bar on this forum. You just have to actualy try.

    And I'll even tell you of the pentesters most valuble tool....

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    Before asking anything else, what do you want to use Backtrack for?
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    This might help, it's a guide for connecting to the Internet in Linux:

    Linux Internet Connection - Virjacode
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