After having some issues getting triple booting to work, I have it all up and running. I have my laptop wired to my router, and can access the internet. When I try and update via apt-get update, it tries to connect to the archives, but doesn't get past connecting, and doesn't update. One of the errors is failed to fetch xx could not connect to archive, connection timed out(paraphrased).

The kicker is the last line says "W: You many want to run apt-get updated to correct these problems". I tried to ping it on my other machine but it couldn't connect either.

So either it's my isp blocking it, which to my knowledge they don't, but you can never be sure. Or there is an issue with the archive server, or a problem with my bt4 install and have ping disabled on the archives server.

Or I could have just missed something very obvious for the past few hours, which at this point I wouldn't put it past me.