I got an error message when loading up Nexpose.

Failed to init login module: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: relation "auth_source" does not exist"

So naturally I went to their website a and they did have what appeared to be a solution. So I cut and pasted this code

cd <nxp_install_root>

mv nsc/conf/nsc.xml nsc/conf/nsc.xml.bak


and well what that did was completely mess up my backtrack menu. It put everything in the backtrack menu into a menu at the bottom of the K menu named "lost and found" Now whats a guy to do BT was so nicely organized and well thought out. Now Im left with a heap of programs in one bick menu that covers the entire screen. Is there any way of fixing this without having to rebuild the menu structure from scratch. or reformating.