this is my first time working with any distro.
using a bt3 livecd because i use my roommate's pc (xp machine) since its far better then mine.

being new to all this i was surprised that it didnt took that long to successfully crack my WEP key.
So i changed it into an WPA2 key and wanted to try to crack that.
I opened up firefox and searched for a tutorial.
(started a moviedownload from from a direct url in the meanwhile)
but then after a certain amount of mb's the download stopped (guess thats because im using a livecd?)

I booted normally (win xp) and disconnected the awus036h.
i installed the drives european drivers.
it connects to my network but i dont seem to get any data flowing

with my own crappy xp machine (without any servicepacks) it works fine,
but in my roommate's better pc it doesnt. (with the livecd, i do have internet. and with xp i dont)
could i have changed any system settings in windows xp by using backtrack?