I would like to humbly ask that the package "gpm" be
included in the final release of BT4. Some "gpm" was
included in BT3 but I don't know if that was by conscious
decision or if it was just inherited with the Slackware
base. It is not in the pre-final release of BT4.

I use it to copy and paste text in a virtual terminal
(virtual console), so since I notice that you have included
six of them (really five since you are using tty1 yourself),
I would hope that you would feel that "gpm" is a valuable
adjunct for people who want to (sometimes at least) work

I have used it for many years and really like it, but I
don't claim to be a software expert. Google pointed me at
"freshmeat (dot) net /projects/gpm" which said "GPM (General
Purpose Mouse) is a mouse server for the console and xterm"
and went on with details like it being GPL-licensed and some
of the recent changes.

Wikipedia ("GPM_(software)") gave a slightly different
version number than the Freshmeat site, as well as what is
claimed to be a developer's site (and a manpage pointer) but
I don't know whether any of that is true -- or if you care.

I see that some Ubuntu mirror has an ubuntu/pool/main/g/gpm
directory which has things like gpm_1.20.4-3.2ubuntu1.dsc in
it but I don't know if that's what you need or not. It also
has gpm_1.20.4.orig.tar.gz, probably the original source.

To be sure I theoretically could just say "apt-get install
gpm" but I claim that it would be very useful to people
(like me) who don't plan to go onto the Internet with BT4 --
if it were included. It's a relatively small program;
gpm_1.20.4-3.2ubuntu1_i386.deb is only 210K.

At any rate, thank you for your time and trouble in
considering my request.

(Thank you also for the BackTrack distribution, which I only
recently discovered and started investigating. I am very
grateful that you all have made it. I really like it.)