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Thread: how i give the path for wordlist by usb

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    Default how i give the path for wordlist by usb

    hi and sorry for asking, i search in google and i didn't found HOW..
    so, i have my wordlists in a usb and i don't anderstand how i must write the path! please someone tell me exactly the command... thanks and sorry for my english

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    You need to mount the usb first "assuming your on a dvd, vmware, or hard drive install".

    First you need to find out what your device is, easy way to do this is to load up gparted, open a console window type gparted and look for the drive / partition that matches your usb. Once you find it take note of label i.e. /dev/*

    Lets say for this its /dev/sdb1 we now need to mount it, there is already a folder for usb but you should understand that you can mount a drive to any folder so lets make one. Open another console window and do this.

    mkdir /mnt/usb2

    Now lets mount it

    mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb2

    Pretty simple no ? .. lets just check that its mounted

    ls /mnt/usb2

    And now just feed your application the path to your wordlist like so.


    Enjoy, but im going to say this in closing, if you cant even figure some of the most basic linux operations, you should really consider using another distro for a few weeks first.
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    Or lazy man's way ;

    Open up Konqueror,
    Click on Storage Media,
    Hit the refresh button (or F5),
    Click on your USB device to mount it and open it up,
    Note the name of the USB device (ie. Corsair)

    Then to point to the wordlist on the root of the USB drive ;

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