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Thread: Automated Malware Analysis

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    Default Automated Malware Analysis

    Any suggestions on an automated static binary/malware analyzer? Kinda like automating basic IDAPro evaluations. On a basic level, dumping strings comparing blocks, etc. More advanced features could be i.e. evaluating program branches, comparing execution flow. Would there be an easy way/method to compare two binaries and be able to definatively say how much in common code both had?

    I guess something like ZeroWine only using a static analysis would be good.

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    Not sure, if that is what you are looking for, but I recently found this tool.
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    I've not used it but many forensics guys seem to appreciate Responder, by HBGary. (Commercial and expensive stuff, field and pro versions).

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    In addition to "Buster", you might also take a look at tools like PEiD, Quick Unpack, TitanEngine, or even better - Ether which are all featured at Yes I am the owner.

    I prefer PEiD to detect, then use TitanEngine/Ether to actually work.

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