hadn't seen this posted in the forums here yet... as per the December 3rd newspost @ http://www.exploit-db.com/news.php
Exploit-DB exploits now available via SVN:

svn co svn://devel.offensive-security.com/exploitdb
we've got a lil' subversion <3 for the masses courtesy of the offensive security guys - to implement, just do the following ::
  • cd /pentest/exploits
  • svn co svn://devel.offensive-security.com/exploitdb
once you have your local copy, run this in the future to update to the latest ::
  • cd /pentest/exploits/exploitdb
  • svn up
or even better (IMHO), bash-script it ala back|track's very own "update-milw0rm" script @ /pentest/exploits - in my case I call it update-DB.sh ::
if [ -d /pentest/exploits/exploitdb/.svn ] ; then
    cd /pentest/exploits/exploitdb
    svn up
    cd /pentest/exploits
    svn co svn://devel.offensive-security.com/exploitdb
there are many other ways to do it! my best to all involved with back|track, exploit-DB and offensive security - ya`all are the best!

-happy daze-

PS: I know, this isn't really a necessary HOWTO as just stating u can grab it via SVN implies my entire post. - cheers

PPS: found another post in the forums with a response on how bt4 final is going to handle things...