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    Hi Everyone,

    Long time user but this is my first time posting. I figured I'd get this in before the new one comes out.

    I am running BT4-Pre-Final on my Late 2009 Macbook Pro. I am not asking for all the bells and whistles (light-up keyboard, Bluetooth etc) to be added but for some basic functionality that was in previous releases that aren't in this one (although it would be awesome but not necessary).

    In BT4-Beta there was Trackpad support included but that seemed to have disappeared with the Pre-Final release. I use a USB mouse but it would greatly enhance the portability of my laptop if I could just use the trackpad instead. I won't post any drivers since they were already included.

    Also when I boot my Live-DVD I have (limited) support for the Airport Extreme Wi-Fi. It is only basic in that it connects to a wireless AP and can be used for the internet. However when I installed the OS onto my Hard-Drive the functionality was gone. It wouldn't even show up in iwconfig, where with the Live-DVD it did and worked. It would be appreciated if that support can be brought back even if it is only used for internet connection, it helps not having to run a second USB card for that or being plugged in. Only 2 USB ports on the laptop.

    Thanks for reading this and considering it to be put in the next release. Thanks again for developing such a robust set of tools.

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    what ever info you might find, please post here, i have the same problem with my MBP (Late 2009), too, but i'm lazy about tracking every thing down.

    i've been lazy because my 2006 Whitebook (atheros) and an old HP Pavilion (Broadcom/Atheros) both work fine with the BT4 PR... as well, my Whitebook works just fine with a Belkin v3000 usb WiFi via Virtual Box..

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