Hi all,

I've been playing around getting under the hood and customizing the BT4 live image to suit my own particular tastes. One of the things I've noticed is that BT4 comes with three different initrd images (initrd - the default, initrdfr - which doesn't mount swap partitions, and initrd800 which uses an 800x600 framebuffer).

Each of these images has only tiny differences, so I'm wondering why go to the effort of maintaining three separate images? surely whether or not to use swap could be controlled by a boot parameter in menu.lst and the script that mounts swap partitions (/scripts/casper-bottom/13swap) could be tweaked to check /proc/cmdline to decide whether or not to mount swapfs filesystems?

That would give the user the option to boot into an 800x600 framebuffer AND in forensics mode without having to roll a new initrd800fr image.

Am I missing something? is there a reason for the separate images that I'm unaware of?