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Thread: Zebedee - Another way to create a crypt tunnels

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    Default Zebedee - Another way to create a crypt tunnels

    Windows, Linux and BSD

    - Installation
    # apt-get install zebedee

    - Basic usage :

    - Server

    # zebedee -s

    - Client

    # zebedee RemoteHost:telnet

    # telnet localhost

    or still

    # zebedee 2121:RemoteHost:21

    # telnet localhost 2121

    - a more complex configuration

    - Server

    # cat server.zbd

    verbosity 2
    detached true
    server true
    compression zlib:9
    keylength 256
    keylifetime 36000
    maxbufsize 16383
    logfile './log.log'
    keygenlevel 2
    checkidfile "/etc/zebedee/client.idlist"
    redirect 8222,8333,5900

    # zebedee -p > private.key
    # zebedee -P -r private.key >
    # cat >> client.idlist
    # zebedee -s -f server.zbd

    * Copy the file private.key to client machine

    - Client

    # cat client.zbd

    verbosity 2
    logfile './client.log'
    server false
    compression zlib:9
    serverhost <put the IP of the server>
    include "/home/eu/zebedee/private.key"
    tunnel 8222:
    tunnel 8333:
    tunnel 2121:

    # zebedee -f client.zbd
    # vncviewer localhost:2121

    In browser: hxxp://localhost:8222 ( access Vmware Web console )

    More information on:

    Note: It's possible install Zebedee server and client as Windows Service
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    Seems like a very interesting application. Thanks for sharing!

    As a side note, Zebedee uses Blowfish encryption, which is resistant to brute-force attacks (it requires over 500 iterations of the algorithm to test a single key).

    More info @ Blowfish (cipher) | From Wikipedia

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    Thanks Spawn for the application .....
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