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Thread: Problem with Hydra and libssh

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    Default Problem with Hydra and libssh

    I have problems to use hydra with ssh.

    I followed the steps in > hxxp://
    and now I have another problem. When I run: "hydra -s 22 ssh2" nothing happens.
    When I run on xHydra (this line on the botton: hydra ssh2 -v -l yourname -p yourpass -t 34) I have the following message on the output:
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: callbacks.c 529: popen_rw_unbuffered: execv() returned
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: /usr/local/bin/hydra
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **:
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: ssh2
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: -v
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: -l
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: yourname
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: -p
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: yourpass
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: -t
    ** (xhydra:10356): WARNING **: 36
    ERROR:callbacks.c:544:popen_re_unbuffered: code should not be reached
    Can anyone help me?

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    I too followed this guide and am currently experiencing the same error with no success in attempting to solve it on my own. Any answer to this issue would be most appreciated.

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    Red face What is

    What is hybra?

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