Okay let me start this by saying I am running the .iso given out in the first OffSec newsletter a few weeks back. I have a installed virtual machine, a HD install and a usb persistant install that I use for testing, depending on where I am at.

MSF Was just updated in the backtrack repo's a few days ago. I pulled down the new copy, and it installed in it's new home of /opt/metasploit/msf3/ and tried to delete everything in /pentest/framework3/ but failed due to folders having contents. (THANK GOD!) So anyway if you cd to the new msf3 directory and do a svn up, you get an error that says you used a newer version of subversion to build this application and need to upgrade.

That was rather long, but I am wondering a few things from this example. Am I supposed to have a newer version of SVN? By default only the BT4 repositories are enabled, should I enable the ubuntu repo's too?

I just want my schtuff up to date, Isn't that the point of an install vs liveCD anyway? I have seen a few posts of people upgrading things (Aircrack-ng, Nikto, Kismet, Nmap, etc) ahead of time... Not too much support there.

Or should I just stfu and wait for the final, after all this is pre - final still.