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Thread: Restore ubuntu karmic 9.10 grub

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    Default Restore ubuntu karmic 9.10 grub

    Hey ppl,

    I've just installed a copy of Backtrack 4 pre final on my usb HDD.
    The install schanged my /etc/grub/menu.list on my internal disk drive, and now ubuntu Karmic 9.1 won't boot anymore.

    Could anyone plz help me?

    for starters i don't know how to access my internal HDD when in Backtrack.
    I can see it in Gparted, but can't seem to mount it.

    when i (might) have gained access to the drive, what should i change to the grub to get things working again? really don't wanna loose the data that's on there.

    Could I (after problems fixed), delete the backtrack4 entry from my grub file on my primary HDD and create a grub thingy on my usb HDD so backtrack can only boot when i select USB drive from my (BIOS) boot menu?

    Thx alot

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    Is it just Ubuntu 9.1 that doesn't work anymore?
    Can you select multiple kernels or only that one?
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    I presently don't have Backtrack4 installed but since it's based on Ubuntu the following should work.

    To Mount the hard drive:

    Look in the /media folder if not present.

    1) sudo lshw -C disk :Should list available drives
    2) sudo mkdir /media/drivename
    3)sudo mount /dev/sdb1? /media/drivename

    Now it should be present in /media


    If it were me I would edit Backtrack's 4 USB grub menu and dual boot that way. Either way what to add needs a little info heres an example:

    title Ubuntu karmic (development branch), kernel 2.6.31-12-generic
    uuid 549cf627-8d2c-4c67-92a1-44708987c126
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-12-generic root=UUID=549cf627-8d2c-4c67-92a1-44708987c126 ro quiet splash
    initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-12-generic

    Good luck.

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