With help of this forum I've managed to get Backtrack 3 (final) installed in VMware-workstation(6.5.1 b.126130). Getting VMware-tools installed was a bit harder (problems with kernel etc..) but after reading numerous threads on this forum I got it to work! Then I had to install the driver for the WUSB54GC wifi-dongle. I followed the next steps:

bt ~ # cd rt73-k2wrlz-3.0.1/Module
bt Module # make
bt Module # make install
bt Module # cd
bt ~ # modprobe rt73

It seems to be working , but I've read that the WUSB54GC works "out of the box" with Backtrack, how can I see/check what driver (version) is used (is there a command to show installed drivers)?

Thanks for reading!