Hello all,
My friend recently asked me to check out her network due to suspicions of other people stealing their bandwidth. Lo and behold, with a WPA password of "letmeinnow", the neighbors were indeed showing up in the router clients list. From a hard line, I upgraded her to WPA2 with AES, and her password is now 16 seemingly random (non-dictionary, at least) upper and lowercase letters with digits interspersed. I figured this would be enough, but a few days later the same computers came up on the clients list, and the bandwidth is once again drained.

Unfortunately, this is where my knowledge runs out. My largest wordlist (purehate's 3 GB list) contains nothing like their password, and using a generator starting at 8 characters and working up to 16 would take years even on a decent computer running pyrit.

My question to you is this: Did someone finally break WPA2 and AES and I just missed it? Is there some possible exploit that I've not come across for this? I've heard of spoofing the AP to get a client to send you the authentication key but I've never run across an implementation of it.