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Thread: Backtrack 3 working like a pro but..

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    Default Backtrack 3 working like a pro but..

    Wireless problems, i looked the compatible cards and I found mines ina heartbeat. I am using VMware Workstation 7, and i was following a tutorial on youtube. Well ive gotten it to boot and everything, but yeah when I click that K thing and then select wireless, wireless assistance it says no usable wireless devices found. Can someone show me a screenshot what it would look like when i click edit, Virtual network editor. It says im using the Ralink RT61 Wireless card which is correct and my VMnet Info says bridged to: Ranklink RT61 Wireless LAN Card V2. What could be the problem?

    WMware WS 7 isnt like the tutorial which was confusing.
    Unless anyone could link me to a tutorial about the wireless stuff using workstation 7, it would help me alot.

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    Please read the forum rules, taking particular note of the rule about searching before posting.
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    Wireless and VM is a abit of an issue, you can't use the internal wireless NIC of your machine with VMs. Backtrack will view you wireless nic as a eth0 (it bridges the guess machine to the host machine using the VM nic drivers) BUT!! all is not lost, if you purchase a USB wireless, then you can get it working that way, and works like a treat!! Coz I am a nice clown, I recommend on the Edimax 802.11b/g Turbo mode hight-gain USB adapter (ew-7318USg.. its awesome, and works well with aircrack to crack wep.

    hope this helps.

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