Hi All! I've been a Back|Track user since B|T 2, and couldn't be happier that they've moved from nasty Slax to Ubuntu. I'm still learning a lot about tools and how/when to use them - there're a LOT of them!

I previously joined the forums under the pseudonym "RedLXXXIV" but had an epiphany some time ago (a self-realization, actually) and traded in my old handle for a new one.

At work, I'm a Linux/UNIX/Windows/Web/Hardware SysAdmin, so you can bet my hands are quite full. The thing I love most about my job though, is that I get to bring my passion with me. It's also fun too, sometimes. The PEBKAC and 1D.10-T errors keep things interesting... or are at least a conversation piece around the office.

I will never profess to know everything, but am here to help anybody new and willing to learn. And heck, I'll even learn stuff that puzzles or baffles me.