Happy Black Friday everyone...Hopefully, noone gets trampled to death at Wal-Mart this year

Stumbled upon the idiots corner, and had a few laughs...I especially liked the one where the guy managed to crack his neighbors WEP, but wanted to know how to use the WEP Key he cracked...hilarious! That's like knowing how to tie your shoes, but not knowing how to put the shoes on your feet.

I was originally using WEP security before really digging in to learn more about network security, and ended up purchasing a ALFA AWUS036H Wireless Adapter to see if I could crack it. Low and behold...it was way too simple!

I immediately changed my encryption to WPA2, but as I've learned there are ways around it as well.

In my defense, let me say that I was a bit nieve in thinking that cracking wireless passwords, and sniffing were not as prevelant as I have now found them to be.

I'm on a mission to create a more secured wireless network. I've been learning more about fake AP's (honeypots), and am going to start messing with those to see who tries to connect.

Now I just need the Backtrack 4 Final (when it comes out) to include a program that makes the people from the idiots corner computers melt when they try to connect to my wireless router!