CORRECTION: This button is to run the "/etc/init.d/wicd start" command (the precursor to running the actual wicd application).

To configure the button:

1) Right click on the task bar.
2) Scroll down to "Add application to panel"
3) In sub-menu, select "Add non-KDE Application"
4) In the Button title field type "WICD Start" as your label.
5) In the Description field type: "Start wireless networking"
6) For the Executable field, enter: /etc/init.d/wicd start
7) In the Command line arguments field type: "./" (without the quotes, of course).
8) Check the box "Run in terminal window"

To change the icon theme of your button:

1) Click on icon in the top left of the configuration screen.
2) Use the drop down menu and scroll through the different icon sections and choose an icon theme of your liking.

If configured properly, you should now have a working button for your task bar that when pressed, will enable the wireless network manager script, so you can then launch wicd.

I've installed BT4 onto a pendrive via Unetbootin and set it up for persistent changes (using the casper-rw, 2nd partition configuration) and this button works like a charm. This type of installation does not require the use of sudo; and this procedure can be adapted to set up a button, to enable LAN access, using "/etc/wit.d/networking start".