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Thread: Dhcp relay

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    Default Dhcp relay

    Hello to all.I have one problem and i post here ,maybe someone can help me.

    So, i have a linux server for providing internet to some clients.My server have 3 network cards.eth0,eth1,eth2.

    Eth0 it have the following configuration and it is my network link connection.It's primary and it have a public ip

    Eth1 it have some alias interfaces ,something like eth1:0,eth1:1,etc

    And this one is for lan ,for my clients.

    And eth2 is not configured.

    So ,my clients take ip from dhcp server,my linux server.

    And my problem is that i have another linux server ,dhcp server.
    This one it's not in the same subnet with the first one.

    So i want to give ip trough dhcp for my clients from this server ,too.

    How to set dhcprelay and if there is something else to do.Please help me.


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    Query the RIPE Database

    I don't understand the relevance of the second dhcp server that isn't for your clients. Shut it down, remove it, disable it, segregate it.... RTFM, ask your ISP for help, or take some network architecture courses.
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    Default dhcp relay

    Normally you simply turn on dhcp relay on your dhcp relay enabled router between your subnets, specify the port (67), or simply open it, specify the subnets if your router allows it and you are good to go.

    The exact process depends on what bit of kit you have between your subnets.

    Then just set up your dhcp servers with the correct superscopes.

    I guess your are trying to build in some redundancy. imho unless you will lose alot of data/time if the dhcp server goes down it is not worth the hassle of using multiple dhcp servers to serve the same subnet.

    There is loads of stuff on the net about dhcp, it's a well documented topic. Google for it!

    As thorin suggested, RTFM. I am sure it will tell you step by step how to turn on dhcp replay

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